About The Inclusion Plus Institute

The Inclusion Plus Institute is a boutique DE&I consulting firm based in Austin, Texas, and serving the global community.

We offer Scalable Solutions for all of your DE&I needs and a wide range of educational and training opportunities as well as the ability to self-assess yourself or your partners on the inclusion spectrum.


Whether you are looking for an understanding of your current capabilities or to address gaps in your current processes, The Inclusion Plus Institute will work with you to determine the best interventions for your organization.

Business Transformation

We understand that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion entail more than just concepts to learn and that the integration of these principles fundamentally informs or alters the DNA and culture of an organization.

Organizational Strategy

We will guide you through a long-term plan that allocates how your company plans to achieve its DEI goals and cover your needs. 

DEI Programming

Deepen your understanding of critical topics to increase your organization’s cultural competence and capabilities. Choose from topics such as Inclusive Leadership, the effect of Power and Privilege on the HR lifecycle, How to become an Ally, Introduction to Managing Diversity in your teams, etc.

DEI Services

We help companies to solve critical needs so you can implement DEI programs and training in a holistic, collective, and long-term.

DEI Resources for you

We are happy to provide you with resources that help you on your DE&I journey.

"I acknowledge that differences exist between me, how I experience the world and how others are and experience the world."
Venus Piñeyro
CEO Inclusion Plus Institute

Client Testimonials

"Venus is a smart, caring, and compassionate leader. She has a knack for individualizing her leadership style and building trust quickly. Her skills and experiences make her an asset to any organization looking to foster a more diverse and inclusive environment."
Tim Nelson
“Venus goes above and beyond to make sure the customer needs are met. Her IT knowledge, and 360 view of the solution makes her a great asset for any organization.”
Lahoussine Yassin
“She is a great leader for building teams/organizations and a fantastic facilitator when there are various viewpoints that need to come together into one vision. Venus also has exceptional, executive-level, communication and presentation skills.”
Kyle Province