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We help organizations thrive in change, unleashing the power of innovation through inclusion.

Why The Inclusion Plus Institute?

We advise global and diverse teams to develop strategies to maximize growth and adapt to volatility and change. From industry-validated assessments (ISO 30415) to the use of evidence-based practices, we tailor our program to your unique needs, ensure we have agreed-upon measures of success, and use inclusive coaching to develop deeper team trust and collaboration. If you do not have a strategy or your strategy is more than 12 months old, sitting on the proverbial shelf, you are missing opportunities to grow your business. We will help you develop an easy-to-follow, adaptive strategy everyone can support.

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Business Transformation

We understand that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion entail more than just concepts to learn and that the integration of these principles fundamentally informs or alters the DNA and culture of an organization.

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Organizational Strategy

We will guide you through a long-term plan that allocates how your company plans to achieve its DEI goals and cover your needs. 

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DEI Programming

Deepen your understanding of critical topics to increase your organization’s cultural competence and capabilities. Choose from topics such as Inclusive Leadership, the effect of Power and Privilege on the HR lifecycle, How to become an Ally, Introduction to Managing Diversity in your teams, etc.

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DEI Services

We help companies to solve critical needs so you can implement DEI programs and training in a holistic, collective, and long-term.

Code Of Conduct, Incident Reporting, & Participant Support

A SafeSpace encourages every participant to contribute and participate fully in an environment free from harassment where differences are embraced and used constructively for positive outcomes for the organization or event.

Leaders and organizers are accountable for ensuring the conditions are created to provide this environment, increasing productive collaboration and reducing organizational risk.


Articulate the expected behavior (Do and Don’t) and the process for incidents clearly and broadly

Explicit agreement from participants to follow the code of conduct

Provide a mechanism to report incidents and share with accountable leaders on a timely basis

Implement measures to address incident reports


By branding your organization as a SafeSpace, every member will understand what is expected of their behavior. You will have access to a fully confidential platform to report incidents and empower company leaders to have a timely view of potential risks to the organization.

Conference and Events

By declaring your event as a SafeSpace, you will be able to integrate the code of conduct into the registration process. This ensures that every participant, leader, speaker, attendee, or vendor's actions are aligned with your expectations. While the event is in progress, we will have a direct line of communication with organizers to alert them of issues, prevent escalations, and support the attendees.

DEI Resources for you

We are happy to provide you with resources that help you on your DE&I journey.

"I acknowledge that differences exist between me, how I experience the world and how others are and experience the world."