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Why I Started Vector U in the Middle of a Pandemic

Why I started Vector U in the Middle of a Pandemic   I acknowledge that differences exist between me, how I experience the world and how others are and experience the world.  I commit myself to approach these differences with curiosity and polite inquisitiveness.  I have learned that the combination of people’s differences produce innovative […]

Sexual assault in Ukraine and the case for systematizing reflection in organizations

Sexual Assault in Ukraine and the Case for Systematizing Reflection in Organizations Violence is Violence Venus Piñeyro CEO and Founder I get much food from thought reading Father Richard Rohr’s posts.He recently commented on the feelings of separation (versus connectedness) and the link to violence. Having personally experienced domestic violence I often reflect on the conditions […]

DEI, Where to begin?

DEI, Where to begin? 2020 shook our lives into awareness and in some cases dislodged us from the comfort of the status quo.  At a personal level, the murder of George Floyd prompted deep reflection in some of us.  At a corporate level, the notion of equity expanded into business considerations around corporate cultures supporting […]

The Latina Invisibility Cloak

The Latina Invisibility Cloak – How HBR can help destroy it? According to the Pew research center, 20% of the US population, or 62.1M people are Latino, so why are we “invisible” when it comes to highlighting success and promoting talent? Part of the answer is social conditioning perpetuated by trusted institutions.  Venus Piñeyro CEO […]

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