Business Transformation

We understand that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion entail more than just concepts to learn and that the integration of these principles fundamentally informs or alters the DNA and culture of an organization.

Our approach meets you and your company where you are today, we create a customized step-by-step plan to clarify your objectives and put your strategy in place.

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DE&I Consulting

Whether you are looking for an understanding of your current capabilities or to address gaps in your current processes, The Inclusion Plus Institute will work with you to determine the best interventions for your organization.

We’ll meet you where you are and help you to craft solutions that will transform your company!

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Ongoing Anonymous Feedback and Incident Reporting

The ability to receive ongoing qualitative data directly from your team will enable you to take action, incorporate suggestions into your processes, and proactively identify potential issues.  

As a neutral third party, we will aggregate and summarize the information to ensure it remains anonymous.  Your team will be assured that their feedback will be processed without bias, while you will be assured that you are getting honest, uninhibited comments from your people.  Incident reporting will be sent immediately to the appropriate parties within the company upon submission.


By using Ongoing Anonymous Feedback, you will receive the following:

  • A branded link created especially for your organization to send in feedback, ideas, comments, or suggestions in an anonymous manner
  • A monthly report aggregated into themes highlighting key, actionable information
  • Access to this service for the duration of your contract (min 6 months)

Learn more about our incident reporting and how to create a Safe Space here!

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Culture & Engagement Survey

Feedback from your team is an invaluable tool and gift that enables you to see the health of your culture.

Culture is the set of behaviors, beliefs, customs, and actions collectively performed by a group. They may be communicated through written policies or observed in group behavior. These behaviors can enhance and enable a group to work collaboratively, or they can insert friction that hinders achieving business objectives. 

By understanding how engaged your team feels and their opinions of the work environment, you will have the clarity to drive deliberate change.  The results will provide you insight into cultivating an inclusive environment, strong employee engagement, and positive interaction amongst each other and with your customers. 

You will receive a branded link with your organizational logo, a summary of findings, and recommendations based on responses.

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DEI Maturity Assessment

We use the International Organization for Standardization for Diversity and Inclusion (ISO 30415) to assess your company based on different dimensions including D&I Framework, Inclusive Culture, and various stages of the Human Resource Management Life Cycle.  In addition, we paired these standards with Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) to help prioritize your DEI strategic plan and implementation.  

Based on your score, we’ll walk you through solutions and actions to take at each level: Foundational, Advanced, Champion, and Advocate.

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Inclusive Change Management

Change is a fact of life. In a business setting, it can be caused by growth, new ventures, and management turnover or policy changes. Most people are unsettled by change; however, the better change is managed, the easier it is to quickly realize its benefits and mitigate the risks associated with it.

We understand the need to create sustainable Change Initiatives to rally the whole organization to support the objectives. We will help you set the course to successfully develop a resilient and innovative organization through a well-planned approach and flawless execution.