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DEI Programming

In order to increase your organization’s cultural competence and capabilities, education is a necessary first step.
Our curriculum is designed to deepen your understanding of critical DE&I topics, help you acknowledge gaps in your policies and procedures with a compassionate eye, and empower your teams to make sustainable changes for your organization.

Learn how to develop inclusive cultures where everyone feels valued and respected. The skills to interact effectively with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds can be learned and practiced so that your team feels supported, engaged, and involved in the decision-making process.

Culture is our unique set of internal programming that helps us encode and decode the world around us.  When you understand the nuances of how people communicate, provide feedback, lead, make decisions, and develop trust, you will be able to more effectively utilize the unique potential of those around you. 

We all have Unconscious biases and learning about their origins is the beginning of taking responsibility for our actions. We will enable you with bias interrupting tips and teach you how to identify situations when they are taking shape whether in the form of Micro-behaviors or at critical points in your HR lifecycle such as interviews, performance assessments, or succession planning.

While Power and Privilege may be seen an attribution of dominant groups only, we will create clarity around personal privilege, power dynamics in the workplace, and in & out groups with an emphasis on utilizing power for good through allyship.

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.  While DEI has become a “buzzword” over the past few years, we will dive deeper into the role of inclusion in psychological safety, belonging, and how our different dimensions of diversity affect our work environments.

Through deep examination of mentorship, allyship, and championing, you will be inspired to pay it forward, backward, and sideways. We will enable you to recognize your own power to create impactful and supportive connections to increase inclusion across many dimensions of diversity.

There is no such thing as bad conflict: only mismanaged conflict.  Impactful alignment occurs when conflict is used as an opportunity to improve understanding and the decision-making process.   We will help you learn about the various types of conflict management from competition, collaboration, and compromise, as well as which one should be used in various scenarios to achieve your team goals.

Working with multi-national teams can add complexity to collaboration and effective communication and yet it is now the norm in most organizations. To maximize the potential that comes with global teams, you will require increased sensitivity and awareness of the cultural context and nuances of your team member's geographical location.  We will deep dive into how business is done in the various regions and if possible deep dive into individual countries.

Perhaps the most challenging leadership experience anyone will face isn't one at the top, but their first promotion to leadership. They must deal with the change and uncertainty that comes with a new job, requiring new skills, and they've been promoted from peer to leader. We help you address that challenge.

Most people do their best to avoid conflict. Even when a situation is uncomfortable, it may seem like the path of least resistance is to wait out the discomfort.

However, avoiding difficult conversations doesn’t make them go away, and having them can substantially improve our work and home lives.

Leaders set the tone of their organization. If they lack emotional intelligence, it could have more far-reaching consequences, resulting in lower employee engagement and a higher turnover rate. To stay ahead of your competition, start developing your emotional intelligence skills.

Any leader will tell you that if you want to have a successful company, you need to surround yourself with the right people. You need people that don’t come to work just to collect a paycheck, but believe in the mission of the company and strive to make a difference. Having the right people around you can turn your startup into a thriving business.

It’s also important to build people up and develop them through one-on-one coaching. Providing coaching skills for leaders will help them successfully guide and develop their teams’ skills.

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