DEI Services

We help companies to solve critical needs so you can implement DEI programs and training in a holistic, collective, and long-term.

We know that despite widespread awareness of the lack of DEI, great uncertainty exists among leaders about how to make real progress.

And we can help bring your business approach to inclusion, and an inclusive approach to business.

Safe Space / Incident Intervention, Reporting, and 1:1 Attendee Support

The best contributions from people come about when they feel safe in the environment in which they operate.  There are a few critical things to keep in mind to create a Safe Space:

  • Clear guidelines and expectations of behavior
  • A reporting mechanism for the breached boundaries
  • Information and resources for those affected by the actions that violated the expected behavior.

Inclusive Customer Engagement

Engaging in an Inclusive way allows your team to connect with your customer base with consideration and empathy, meeting those you serve where they are and developing a trusting, long-term relationship.

You will acquire the skills to serve people with different backgrounds, customs, and personalities learning what these differences are and how they impact your interaction with them.  We will provide a space to reflect on how unconscious biases may affect your customer retention and discuss responses you can incorporate into your processes to improve your engagements.

We can also provide an in-depth review of your marketing and promotional materials and the accessibility of your digital and physical space.