Organizational Strategy

We will guide you through a long-term plan that allocates how your company plans to achieve its DEI goals and cover your needs. 

Inclusive Employee Resource Groups (I-ERG)

Strategy, Creation, and Implementation

It is imperative that companies bring a business approach to inclusion and an inclusive approach to business.  In order for tangible benefits to materialize, the successful organization is called to utilize its diversity in ways that connect diverse groups with the business objectives of an organization. 

A Business or Employee Resource Group, or BRG/ERG – is a voluntary, employee-led group that fosters a diverse, inclusive workplace while still maintaining alignment with an organization’s goals, mission, and objectives. 

These groups provide a safe environment for employees to learn how they can make a difference in their company culture, foster support amongst their colleagues, and learn ways to advocate for equity within the organization.

With I-ERG, we will:

  • Educate and inform decision-makers on the importance and objectives of a Business Resource Group (BRG/ERG)
  • Provide guidance on group creation and best practices
  • Act as a subject matter expert and liaison with the BRG/ERG leaders and business sponsors
  • Provide Enrichment activities, such as cultural competence and other DEI learning opportunities driven by the BRG/ERG and benefit the entire organization

Industry Certification

As a trade group, chamber of commerce, or industry association you understand that DE&I will give your members a competitive advantage. We will partner with you to give your community a step-by-step guide to achieving greater levels of maturity.