Inclusion Plus Institute

Create a Safe Space for events and places where everyone is able to fully contribute because they feel safe, supported and face no threats.

A SafeSpace Plus encourages every participant to contribute and participate fully in an environment free from harassment where differences are embraced and used constructively for positive outcomes.

Leaders and organizers can create the conditions to increase productive collaboration and reduce organizational risk.

*see footnote for references

"I think a concept like SafeSpace Plus ™ is desperately needed to enable our communities to contribute their potential fully. I endorse it and am delighted to hear that 10% of their proceeds will provide SafeSpace Plus ™ to Austin nonprofits, eliminating barriers to create inclusive environments."


Amplify your peoples contributions, creating a fast moving innovative organization where different viewpoints are welcomed and people feel safe in their activities. In a SafeSpace Plus organization, every member understands what is expected of them and are enabled to confidentially report incidents. Leaders are empowered to take action in a proactive and timely way minimizing risks to the organization.

“SafeSpace Plus ™ is a concept that will help people feel safer in meetings, at conventions, and during conferences. In my 30 years of experience keynoting at such events, I’ve not seen such an innovative and critical response to the needs of everyone feeling comfortable and valued."

Conference and Events

Create events and gatherings that actively include all participants in a positive, welcoming, safe environment. In a SafeSpace Plus ™ event, every participant, leader, speaker, attendee, and vendor acknowledges the Code of Conduct so that their actions align with your desired outcomes. Organizers have a direct line of communication with the activities if you want to avoid any escalations and destructive communication.

“Making the Energy Thought Summit a SafeSpace Plus ™ event enhanced our conference, promoting collaboration in an environment free from harassment. As a CEO working to advance the Energy sector, I am convinced that an approach such as SafeSpace Plus ™ will increase our ability to boost innovation by strengthening inclusion for all."

How Do We Create SafeSpaces?

With our C.A.R.E Foundation and our Code of Conduct, Incident Reporting & Participant Support

Define and articulate the expected behavior (Do and Don’t) and the process for incidents clearly and broadly

Explicit agreement from participants to follow the code of conduct

Provide a mechanism to report incidents and share with accountable leaders on a timely basis

Implement measures to address incident reports

Build the Foundation of an Inclusive Culture

Our proactive approach will create the SAFESPACE intended for all

Infographic References

  1. According to Workplace Bullying Institute, 75% of employees report being a target of or have witnessed bullying(misconduct) at work, affecting an estimated 79.3 million U.S. workers.
  2. The EEOC estimates that it collects $404 million from harassment lawsuits every year.
  3. YouGov reveals that 22% of all festival goers have faced assault or harassment, rising to 30% of women overall. 
  4. According to Ensono Speak Up 2020 report,  39% of women who delivered keynote speeches at tech conferences reported sexual harassment.
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