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Safe Space

Code of Conduct, Incident Reporting, and Participant Support

A Safe Space can denote a place where you can let your guard down and be comfortable with your sorroundings knowing that no harm will come to o you either physically oremotionally. This feeling in turn allows an idividual to use their capabilities fully.

The leaders of a company or the organizers of an event where people come together are accountable to ensure the proper conditions are created to provide this type of environment.

It requires deliberate planning and action to create this environment:

  • (D) DEFINE – Definition of what is a Safe Space behavior expected and behavior prohibited from every participant
  • (A) ARTICULATE – Articulate clearly and share broadly these expectations
  • (R) REPORT – Providing a mechanisim to report when incidents have occurred that violate the code of conduct
  • (E) EASE – Ease the impact of the violation by sharing resources and information
For Organizations

We will provide a well-thought-out code of conduct as well as the Safe Space branding that can be accessed by anyone in the organization to remind them of what is expected of them. Also, we will provide an ongoing incident reporting mechanism that allows the company leaders to have ongoing acess to any issues occurring within the company.

For Team gatherings, events, conferences, offsites

When people come together united by a shared purpose, there is a risk of behavioral standards that are disrespectful or non-egalitarian resulting in unwanted displays towards attendees, organizers, or presenters. There is a clear value in aligning everyone’s expectations regarding their actions and words while they are together in the space. 

When someone crosses a boundary and creates an unsafe situation due to aggressive behavior, intimidation, or unwelcome physical advances, the ability to report the incident and contact someone that can intervene can restore the SAFE SPACE intended for all.

We will provide your stakeholders with a code of conduct and resources to prevent situations from escalating and enable the recipient to take the appropiate action while providing a neutral space for incident reporting and intervention at your team outing, gathering, event, or conference.